How Insurance Agents Can Utilize Facebook Ads for Marketing

How Insurance Agents Can Utilize Facebook Ads for Marketing

While TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are huge influential players in the social media landscape, one of the most reliable platforms for marketing is still Facebook. About 2.89 billion people actively use this social network every month and many of them are in key demographics for a variety of insurance products. Facebook Ads for insurance agents can be an effective tool to capture new leads and generate new business.‌‌

How Facebook Ads for insurance agents expands your reach

Facebook appeals to a wide audience and, as an insurance agent, the platform can certainly help you broaden your reach with highly effective ads. About 28% of millennials and 29% of baby boomers use the internet to research and purchase insurance coverage, and a majority of them are Facebook users.

Market research indicates that most Facebook users —‌ roughly 71.9% —‌ are adults between the ages of 18 and 44. This segment consists of drivers, renters, and homeowners who may be looking for better, more affordable insurance options that your agency can provide.

While Facebook’s largest user group consists of males between the ages of 25 and 34, making up about 19% of users, women generally click on Facebook ads more often than men do.

On average, Facebook users click around 12 ads per month. If any of these users are looking for affordable insurance coverage, your agency’s Facebook Ads might be the first thing they find when they search for options online.

Facebook Ads basics

Not everyone who logs into Facebook daily spends their time clicking ads. Other popular activities include liking and sharing posts, interacting with friends through individual timelines and groups, and watching videos with the sound off.

People also use the site to research and interact with businesses. While you might already be using Facebook to share content with your current customers, Facebook Ads lets you expand this reach because your posts are shown to people who aren’t following you. The ads look like any other posts on a user’s timeline but they are listed as “sponsored.”

Types of campaigns for your objectives

Facebook Ads for insurance agents isn’t as simple as creating a post and choosing your target audience. You can create various ads depending on your goals and objectives. Generating leads

One of the most common campaign objectives is to generate new leads. You can create Facebook lead ads that are targeted to people who don’t already know you and offer a compelling reason for them to go to your website.

Make them curious enough to click. Your lead generation ad should include copy that clearly conveys what you do and encourages people to want to learn more. When people click your ad, you can direct them to a landing page where they can sign up for more information.

Once you’ve got your new leads, keep in touch with them. Segment your email list, to help you keep track of how they heard about you and what they may be interested in learning more about, based on which ad they clicked.

Improving sales

Another potential goal for your Facebook Ads is to sell more policies. Just like you want to turn random internet users into potential leads, you also want to drive conversions and actually make sales. Your established brand might already have high levels of recognition. Using Facebook Ads lets you reach new and existing customers with more details about your products and services.

Photo ads with compelling copy, for example, can generate a need for what you’re selling, while a video ad can showcase how customers will benefit from your product or service. Highlight your most popular products to stir interest and drive customers to your website.

When they land on your site, you can direct them to landing pages relevant to the ad they clicked on. These simple pages are accessed only through a direct link, and you can use them to bring readers directly to a page prompting them to sign up, register, or even purchase the product or service your ad highlighted.

Building customer relationships

Social media is one of the best marketing tools available for building client relationships. If your ad objective is to find new customers to engage with, create ads that show new users what they will get by joining your community.

Your ads should be similar to organic posts on your feed. Since your goal is to get new people to like your page and interact with you, your call to action should be geared toward connecting with your social media feeds. Include language such as “Join the conversation on Facebook.”

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